Holiday Hope to our troops children

Below is a note I sent to an organization called, "Comfort Crew"  This organization is dedicated to supporting the children of deployed service members in any way possible.  During the holiday season they collect inspiring and encouraging messages from around the country to share with these children.  If you feel called to help this cause, please visit their site above to see how.  Also- you never know who could use this help, so please share this website on your favorite social media channel.   I only wish I knew of them when I was deployed.  Looking back I can see their efforts would have been very helpful to my girls while I was deployed. Be blessed! Hello! My name is Todd and I was a soldier for many years. During those years I spent at least two Christmas's away from my family. Once in Iraq and once in Afghanistan. I just wanted to give you hope. Believe it or not, that this too shall pass. I wanted to tell you to stay close to those family and friends you have with you now, that they will be your life support for now. I would like to give you two exercises to help you through this time. Count your blessings- I know that it hurts to not have them with you but try to count your blessings. Can you name ALL of your blessings right now? Try! I bet you can't think of them all! Is it that you free from physically hurting? Is it that you have good friends? Is it that your doing well in school? Whatever it is, spend time thinking about it every day. This is my challenge to you. CHOSE to think about what is going GOOD for you. Help a friend- Do you know of a friend that is having a hard time? The best way to feel better is to talk to them about THEIR challenge. "So how's it going with...?" is how it starts. Next thing you know, you've forgotten all about your problem and you will feel better! At the same time, your helping your friend get through a challenge and they will feel better too! Some times this talk only lasts a minute, some times an hour, either way, it works! These are just small exercises to get through the season. If you do these exercises every day you will look back on this season and realize you are a better, stronger person and maybe even be thankful for the experience because these exercises will help you many more times in the future. This is what I did and that is how I feel today. May GOD bless you and keep you. May HIS eyes rest upon you and give you PEACE! Todd